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SLP Faucet

SOUR SLP Token Faucet

Roll the dice and win up to 2.5 SOUR every 48 hours!

SOUR is a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token built on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain that utilizes PoS (Proof of Stake) for distribution and future community applications. SOUR is also used to show appreciation and reward those furthering the adoption of Bitcoin Cash & SLP tokens. SOUR has BCH & SLP airdrops for holders, a merch shop to spend or earn, weekly free-roll and buy-in poker tournaments, the #Donate4SOUR initiative to earn SOUR for donating BCH to select orgs, daily staking rewards & and continued application development. SOUR will continue to grow in the future along with the possibilities for Simple Ledger Protocol & Bitcoin Cash.

There are 42,000,000 SOUR Tokens created in total & each one is divisible by 8 decimals or 100,000,000 SOURtoshis. That is double the total amount of Bitcoin & divisible by the same amount of Satoshis. More info can be found at https://keepbitcoinfree.org/SOUR
SOUR Token ID (creation tx hash): 6448381f9649ecacd8c30189cfbfee71a91b6b9738ea494fe33f8b8b51cbfca0
SOUR Token Genesis Transaction on BCH Block Explorer.

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